The Virgin Episode 3: Creepy Behaviour

He changed his mind overnight, he did not want to die as a virgin and the more he would think of it the more restless nights he would get. Slowly he was getting inappropriate thoughts and he would end up doing this which can be considered very creepy.

He starting watching women and secretly recorded them with his phone and would jerk off at night. He was starting to behave like a complete jerk and asshole and he was not even realizing that. He was starting to behave like a weirdo even in the office.

Everyone in the office though considered to be some kind of a loner and abnormal but not one soul was convinced that he was some kind of weirdo who would secretly record women or stare at their private parts. 

He started feeling his coworker’s perfume, hair and other body parts which no one really noticed and even if someone would feel something they would let him go as his reputation was never of being a pervert and there was never an incident in which he was caught that made others believe he could commit such a thing.

At times he would go so desperate that he would just start jerking off in the office bathroom thinking of his coworker or her scent or anything which reminded him of her. Day by day, it was hard for him to control his feelings.

If things continued like this, he might be either fired or end up in jail which could be very troublesome considering the situation he was in. It was a late weekend night and he happened to see a couple who were getting quite cosy with each other. 

He started following them wherever they went, first he followed them to a restaurant and then to a bowling alley and then to their home. He secretly sneaked into their house without sounding any alarm to the couple.

The couple who were unaware that there was an intruder started to make love and things were getting pretty much intense. He opened the door just to get a sneak peek and started to jerk off to the couple having sex.

Since the couple was in a great mood and having fun, they did not realize that there was a man who was jerking off to them until the woman screamed, as soon as she screamed, Dwight got up and fixed his dick and pants and was chased by the other man.

He ran so well despite having a boner and finally managed to save himself or else it would have been very big trouble and there was a high chance that the cops are looking for him. The only good news among this was that nobody actually saw his face just the clothes he was wearing and there might be a good chance that this might not end up so badly as expected.

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