The Virgin Episode 2: The Plan

He decided that he will find a date somehow by the end of the month and show it to everyone that he too can get laid. He downloaded a few of the dating apps including Tinder which was very infamous for singles who wanted to find a date.

He filled those forms with enthusiasm and in the most honest way, he could have. He skipped answering a few questions because they were too personal to put that in public. To be honest this profile sucked, just by looking at his profile no girl or woman would be interested in knowing let alone be his girlfriend.

Deep down he was aware of the fact that he was considered boring by a lot of people’s standards and very few people in his acquaintance considered him charming. His lack of socialising skills was a turn off for a lot of females and would immediately move away from him.

A couple of weeks went by and there was barely any activity in his profile, he was interested in a few girls, he had messaged them on the app but none had replied to him back which made it quite clear that the girls were not interested in guys like him or just that online dating was not a thing for him.

He was frustrated that not a single girl, he knew that he was not universally likeable but there had to be some girl who was interested in a guy like him, he felt like a stupid and a loser. He was now starting to feel that there was something wrong with him.

He was now convinced that he could not date and he need to find an alternative, he thought of getting laid with a hooker which was probably not the most honourable way to lose virginity but the way things were panning out him, it was best for him.

He did some research on the places where to find a hooker and the things which were required before having sex. He got a contact of a hooker and paid her money in advance, she was scheduled to come on Friday late evening.

He was nervous but a bit excited as well, he opened the door and she was dressed in black. His heart started to increase and it felt like he would get sick very soon. As soon as started to strip he went unconscious.

The next thing he remembers is seeing her face feeling worried about him, he woke up thanked her and told her to leave the house. He felt like a stupid and loser again and this time for trying something which no one in their wildest dreams would think of.

He just said to himself that getting desperate women will only get him more into trouble and the besting thing for him is to just sit, relax and let women approach him and ask him out as he was quite terrible at these kinds of things and it may take forever to happen. 

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