Episode 1: The Loser

Dwight was mostly a loner, he did not have the habit of socializing with others. He was 25, had a stable job but one thing which was always bothered him was that there was always a romantic interest that was missing in his life. 

He was not a team player and it was a known weakness to him and he was aware of the fact that he would always perform poorly with the team as it would take time for him to get acquainted with the members and it would hit his productivity. 

He had chosen a job in such a way that he was the lone guy doing the job, no juniors to take care of and no seniors to take orders from, he would directly report to the CEO. At times he just would feel weird whether or not he should be socializing.

People in his office were quite reasonable and did understand if he didn’t want to be a part of the gang but would often judge on his back which he was well aware of as he had overheard them talk about him several times.

These things never really mattered to him but there were times he would see couples having a lot of fun going out together, riding and holding hands. He never really had a girlfriend, everyone made it feel like he should have a romantic partner and he was missing serious action in his life.

He was at this point very confused, he just did not know how to react to this situation as he always felt that other humans would do enough to socialize with him and that would be the solution to his problems. 

But in reality that did not happen and he was pretty ok with not having friends but one thing in particular which was eating him alive was that he was a virgin and pretty much everyone around him knew about it and it was not that surprising.

However, there was enough pressure on him to get that tag out. None of his colleagues was a virgin and at times he felt like a child or teenager and would get desperate but then again he always was afraid of his feelings and struggled to express them.

Even though there were a lot of girls who he could approach he never did, he was too shy to admit the fact that he could have a crush on an office employee. Outside the office, he just did not have the courage to go and ask on a date.

He was feeling trapped inside as he wanted sex but did not want emotions to be a part of it which made it very complex to find a girl after all how on earth is he going to find a romantic partner without the involvement of emotions.

The other day he was watching American Pie and felt like a complete loser and he felt like he should make a pact with his alter ego and try to lose his virginity without involving emotions.

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