The Wives Episode 6: The Stalking

They thought they had buried the hatchet and it was a new beginning but they were so wrong at so many levels. The men with whom they had a brief affair were in no mood to forget after all you just don’t sleep with someone one day and forget about them the next day.

Though Alex and Roseanne had broken up all connections with those men, it was very unlikely they would forget about it so easily. They would try to make a connection and try to find out what went wrong that they cut from their lives suddenly.

Those 2 stranger men tried to contact the wives in every possible way they could think of but were failed each and every time. They tried calling but were on their blocked list, then they tried messaging on social media but were even blocked there.

This was creating a kind of restlessness inside them and they knew where the wives lived, so they decided to check out this place and see what was actually happen. They had a minivan with them and it was very cosy that it was enough for 2 of them to live.

They had reached their destination but were lost nowhere, they were new to this neighbourhood and were trying to figure out and find the wives but could not find do so, they were planning to leave and never come back until they had finally spotted them.

The wives were with their respective husbands and were seemingly have a blast and this irked both of them and was pissed off and felt cheated. They had felt that there was some kind of connection between them both and now they are in the arms of someone else.

This was not acceptable to both, they wanted to exact revenge for hurting them so badly but for in order to happen they had to wait at least till morning so that they could catch them without their husbands and then they could plan according to that.

They had no place to go so they slept in the minivan, they had woken up the next morning and soon as both of them had come to their senses, they entered Alexa’s house through the door and tried to find her.

Alexa freaked out and started to run as she saw both of them. She went to Roseanne’s house and hid and both of them had locked the doors so they could not enter and soon the cops were called and both the guys were arrested and sent to judicial custody.

It was a dangerous experience for the wives as they had told themselves that they would never do something like this ever again as the repercussions could be far more dangerous than what they just witnessed, this time they were lucky maybe next time they may not be that lucky and could fall to prey something which they can never ever reverse it back.

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