The Wives Episode 5: The Truth

The last trip made the husbands very suspicious because only 2 of them had gone while Maria had decided to stay here which was a bit weird considering how 3 of them were quite close to each other and would often go in a group wherever they went. 

They were starting to think that something fishy was happening or going to happen and they wanted to find it at all cost what their wives were up to. The husbands started noticing their respective wives much more carefully to see if they would drop a hint or two.

The wives too noticed that their husband’s behaviour has changed over the past couple of days and they were starting to look suspicious and this just freaked out the wives as they were starting to fear if they were aware of the truth.

Maria just could not bear her husband constantly spying on her, she just spilt the beans to her husband regarding the truth how they discovered the truth about their husbands and how they were devastated and planned the trip to escape reality and how her 2 friends found 2 strangers and have been in touch with them.

Her husband was shocked to hear the truth, he immediately informed his friends. All the 3 guys were shocked that their secret was out in the open and not only that their respective wives might have already cheated on them with some strangers they met on a trip.

3 of the guys had decided that they talk to their respective wives about this disclosure and try to find a solution where everyone would come to an agreeable solution. The wrongs were done on both sides and neither had moral superiority to lecture about anything.

The best thing those 3 couples would do is to accept the reality that they had committed a huge mistake, admit them and stop continuing it and try to be more honest about them and build trust and bond between them but it was not going to be an easy journey as a lot of hearts have been broken.

Alexa had an emotional outburst at her husband for hurting her so badly and she felt guilty for cheating on him and had apologised and was eventually ended up in tears. The situation for Roseanne was pretty much the same with her and her husband except the couple had understood there was no sane reason to be upset.

Meanwhile, Maria who was heartbroken from the beginning had every reason to shout, scream at her husband as she did not make the mistake her friends had committed in the heat of the moment but she chose not to say anything as they wanted to move on from this.

Both Alexa and Roseanne had deleted those 2 strangers from not only their phones but also from their life. It was a fresh start for the 3 couples as it would take time to build the trust again, they decided to have regular get-togethers and barbecues as it would strengthen the friendship and their relationship.

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