The wives episode 4: Steamy affair

It was indeed a crazy weekend for them, the plan was made all of a sudden. They were neither had expected such a trip would be on the cards and the resort they had stayed in was even more full of surprises. To their surprise couple of gentlemen had shown and they even spent quality time which made things worse for their situation.

The husbands were off to work when the wives had come again to discuss the present scenario and what step to do next. Maria thought that 2 wrongs don’t make a right and they stop doing this and repercussions would be very hard to bear.

Alexa and Roseanne had disagreed with her views, they felt that if their husbands have been cheating on them for such a long time even they don’t remember. And if their husbands could maintain the secrecy for such a long time then they could and should be doing the same thing.

Maria was pissed off with both their logic and reasoning and was finding a hard time for the reason for this kind of behaviour and how it would fix up things. Alexa was quite firm that their husbands were not in a position to give a morality lecture to them.

Even if somehow their husbands even did find about this one, they did not have a right to question them as they have been indulging in cheating for such a long time and they would just let the things stay as they would be. 

Maria stormed out of the house as she could not convince the other 2 to follow her lead. The days went by and this time they had planned this trip to a different spot obviously or their husbands would get suspicious.

They had tried very hard to get Maria to agree with them but it was of no use, she, warned them that things will probably get out of hand this weekend and it was best not to do anything stupid but they brushed her off.

Everything was set and they were ready to hit the road. Alexa and Roseanne had informed their newly found friends at approximately what time they would arrive at that place. By the time they reached the place, it was late in the night.

The four of them had dinner, the dinner turned out to be quite fruitful for them as they ate, talked drank wine, made jokes at each other, flirted and even commented on other people’s appearance. It was a crazy night as they were starting to lose control. 

Both the couples went to their respective emotions and they were not only high on wine but also on emotions, they were passionately making out. It was a dangerous mix of wine and sex, Alexa and Roseanne were frustrated for their husbands cheating on them but they felt like they were having some kind of justice by cheating on the cheaters.

Maria on the other hand didn’t know what to do, she knew what her husband and his friends and her friends were doing, she was stuck nowhere. There was a hell of a lot of emotions that were going through her head. It felt like her head was almost going to explode, it’s been like a couple of weeks since she had a good night sleep. 

Alexa and Roseanne didn’t wanna make their husbands suspicious so they had returned by Sunday afternoon. Their next plan was of action was to go out like once a month so that their husbands would not get suspicious and instead make those guys come when their husbands were not around.

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