The Wives Episode 3: A connection

Alexa was having a good time at the coffee shop, she found him quite interesting. Initially, she thought it was a very bad idea considering the mess she was in but she was having a good time. She was having such a good time that she didn’t even realise she had spent almost 2 good hours.

Roseanne was so fuming with her husband that she was thinking of getting laid as quickly as she could. She was giving him all the hints to come at her but for some reason, he was taking his time and she was starting to feel frustrated.

Maria was not in a mood to interact with any guy, in fact, she was already feeling guilty about coming on to this trip. Meanwhile, the guy tried to make her talk but it was in vain, she barely responded to him and he left after a while.

The wives were having lunch together and the discussion was obviously the fun they had that morning. It was something really unexpected for them but both of them had actually liked it and wanted to be in touch but Maria was clearly upset. 

The husbands on the other hand were having a barbecue party and wondered for this strange all of a sudden reason for the all-girls weekend. They had no idea that their wives had not only found about the truth but were up to something.

Yes there was guilt among them for cheating but they felt on the top of their game for successfully keeping this as a secret for such a long time and they could not even remember the first time they actually did it.

The husbands never really made anything look suspicious and their sex life with their respective wives was so good that no person would ever think that cheating would happen with such an active and interesting sex and romance going on.

Finally, the wives had come back from the trip and it was such a roller coaster for them physically and emotionally. They were hurt for knowing the truth and there was guilt, anger, sadness and confusion.

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