The Wives Episode 2: THE TRIP

It was a great night for men as they had great fun just like they do every weekend but what they were not aware was of the fact their wives somehow got to know about this. It was a terrible night for the ladies, all this time they thought their men were having fun drinking and hanging out but they had no idea that they were cheating big time.

Roseanne was having a tough time accepting the situation, Alexa smoked cigarettes the whole night and poor Maria was crying with no one to console her. There was absolute silence, from the looks of it, it was quite evident that all the 3 were having a tough time.

They just kept staring at the floor at each other, their silence was enough to point out the fact that the mess they were in. They knew the truth but were unable to figure out how do they even confront them and they had no idea how this whole scenario will end.

After awkward silence of almost an hour, Roseanne suggested they have a trip this weekend. It was important that they think with a cool mind and in order for them to do that they need a break from this mess.

They eventually agreed that this weekend they go on a trip because staying there would only cause a lot of pain considering they knew what their husbands would be up to and it would only make things worse. 

The only way they could ease this pain was to be on a girls-only trip and try not to overthink the situation. They had informed their respective husbands about this trip and they did not object to it and it was not surprising for the ladies.

The weekend was here and everything was set and they had packed their bags for the weekend and it was quite a long and exhausting trip and they checked into a resort. They were feeling very tired and sleepy so they just straight went to their bed.

The ladies woke up the next morning, the first thing they did was order coffee and breakfast and once they had finished that they started exploring the resort. It was an interesting place, there was a swimming pool which was crowded, a dining room and a coffee lounge. 

The ladies had decided to get into their swimming costumes and go to the pool and relax for a while. They had tried on bikinis after several years, last time they wore something like this they were single at that time.

All 3 of them were looking seductive and one stranger had approached Alexa started talking to her and she was actually enjoying his company. He took her to a nearby coffee shop and similarly the rest of the 2 managed to find 2 guys. 

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