The Wives Episode 1: Finding out

Alexa, Roseanne and Maria were 3 next-door neighbours and were great friends and would often hang out at each other’s house when their husbands were not around. 3 of them had a lot of fun during the daytime. They would watch tv, cook and would chit chat about the happenings in their life.

Alexa and Roseanne were actually close and on the other hand, Maria used to maintain a little bit of distance, she liked hanging with them but with a distance and not get carried away. 3 of them were at Roseanne’s house when they found out something very peculiar.

It was some sort of a membership card, initially, she thought it was some gym membership but it was not. It seemed like membership in some kind of group or society. Alexa took out of Roseanne and showed it to Maria.

Red Door was written on the front of the card and they had not heard of any club or restaurant with that name. The address was written on the back so they took a ride to visit this place. The place was unfortunately closed. 

3 of their respective husbands were quite close at times and at times would hang out real late. This made them wonder all sorts of questions. Maria was a very sceptical woman and she felt that there is a chance even her husband might be a part of this club, group or society or whatever this was.

They made a pact of not mentioning especially to their husbands as it might alert them and find out the truth by investigating after midnight. Alexa took her husband’s phone and started searching for evidence and then she went through his laptop.

When she could not find anything she searched in his pockets and when she examined under the light it was the same as it was found earlier in Roseanne’s house. The next day Maria was shocked and didn’t know what to do next.

She was starting to feel uneasy and anxious and was not getting, Alexa was at a loss for words. Roseanne finally spoke and suggested that they follow them the next time they go to this place and find out what happens there.

The weekend had come and 3 husbands had decided to inform their wives about them hanging out and would be late to home. The wives had already suspected that they would be going to that place. The husbands were not aware of their wives’ suspicion was expected to go to that place again.

The husbands were off to the place, meanwhile, the wives started following them. They saw their husbands entering the place. They tried to enter but were denied entry because they did not have any membership.

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