It was so dark that she could not see where she was headed. Even though it is not advisable to roam at night time in the jungle but she had not paid heed to that advice.

No one knows for how long she was trapped in the jungle, the only thing she remembered was that she was at a party and the next thing she sees herself naked in the middle of the jungle.

She assumed that some of the men might have taken advantage of her drunk status and might have raped her multiple times and they might have dropped her here to meet with her fate.

When she had regained consciousness, she was in an utter state of shock, she was expecting to wake up in a mansion full of guests but instead, she woke up naked and she had nowhere to go.

There was a slight breeze which she could feel in her private parts and this made her uncomfortable. She was started to shiver because she had not worn any clothes.

She tried to warm herself by rubbing her hands but that trick somehow wasn’t working. Having no other choice, she started masturbating and within few minutes she had generated more heat than she would require.

Though this was quite embarrassing for her, she was just hoping to find something which she can wrap around which will cover her body.

Hours later, she was able to find the skin of an animal but she was not sure what animal it was. She took it and somehow managed to wrap it around her body and now she was feeling a bit warm.

She kept continuing her journey in the jungle in the hope of making it out of there alive but was disappointed every day and night.

It was hard for her to figure out which was indeed the right way and since she was no expert, the only way she survived till now was due to her instincts.

Most of the days she would eat anything she felt that she would not die from eating, she was lucky that she was still breathing otherwise, most people die of either natural causes or get killed.

It felt like this time she had reached someplace good from where she could be rescued, she saw a tall cliff and maybe if she climbs it she can make it out of here alive.

The sun was about to rise and the darkness was almost gone and she was starting to feel good about it.

She had finally scaled the cliff and the sun had risen, it had been so many days since she was taking direct sunlight.

She took a peek at the other side of the hill and she was thrilled to see there was a settlement there, she could not control her tears as she began to climb down.

A few days later, she reached her home and finally, it was a big relief for her because at one point in time it felt like she would die in the jungle itself.


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