She was supposed to be return home but she hadn’t, it was almost midnight and her parents were started to get worried about her. They waited for a couple of hours, tried to contact her friends but no one knew her whereabouts and finally, they decided to lodge a complaint with the police. 

They had carried a small photograph with them and submitted it to them and the police thought that there was a chance she would turn up by morning and even if she does not turn by morning then they would start an investigation. 

Generally, a lot of teenagers tend to go missing but usually turn up the next morning and before launching an investigation, it was best to confirm indeed their daughter was missing. The sun had risen the next day but there was no sign of her. 

The police started their investigation from the college, they questioned everyone from the staff to her friends but could not retrieve much. She was last spotted in college yesterday afternoon and since then, none of her friends knew her whereabouts. 

Apparently, there was a guy not much not about him but he and the girl seemed to be very close and were in a lot of photos with her. There was a high chance that he could be behind all this or a chance that both of them had decided to run away. 

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, they had received a call from an anonymous that if they wish to see their daughter alive, they would have to pay a ransom and if police are involved, they will never get to see their daughter alive. 

They did not have money to pay the ransom so they informed the police about this call, police had clear instructions on do’s and don’ts and promised their daughter back if they do whatever they tell them to do. 

The exchange was supposed to take at midnight at an abandoned farmhouse, which was located on the outskirts of the city. They had reached that place with a bag filled with rocks and saw a man who was holding their daughter.  

He asked them to throw the bag towards and when he checked the bag and it was filled with rocks, this enraged him and threatened to kill the daughter, police immediately came from all directions, seeing this he threw her away and started running but he was nabbed before he could make a run 

The guy finally confessed and he was just a tool and the entire plan was laid out by the girl to extort money and run away and start a new life. She was confident that her parents were secretly saving money and they would end up giving money. 

It was hard for the family to digest the fact their daughter could think of something so sinister and would try to do something like this and had almost succeeded. Had it not for the police they would probably be never caught, they had disowned their daughter and never wanted to see her again. 

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