Andson Prison was considered one of the safest prisons, the prison was mostly filled with those convicts who were either deemed very dangerous for the society or who have had escaped multiple times from various state prisons. 

There was a man named Anthony who was being transferred to this prison, he was presumed to be a very dangerous man, he had multiple charges against him such as murder, theft, stolen identity, assaulting police officers, escaping the prison etc the last 2 decades. He had been transferred to multiple prisons but each time he escaped from there.  

Each time he would escape he would get caught again by the authorities, they were getting sick of this man and wanted to get rid of this man permanently. Finally, permission was granted to transfer him to Andson maximum security prison. 

Andson Maximum Security Prison was located in a remote area, even if someone had managed to escape the prison, it was actually next to impossible for someone to get away from that place. The place looked like a living testament to the zombie world. 

In the past, some of the prisoners did try to escape but eventually, all of them were either captured or killed. The warden ensured that blood and dead bodies of those who were killed trying to escape stayed there so that they could keep reminding the consequences if someone plans or even thinks of escaping. 

The prison did not give him good vibes, he could see dead bodies everywhere. Some of the dead bodies were so old that they were decomposed. It was one of the horrific things he had seen in his life.  

People who were alive were in the most pathetic conditions, most of them were not even in a situation to move to forget about escaping, now he started to realize why no one had actually dared to escape from this place. 

For the first time, he was not feeling comfortable in such a place that was haunted by death and misery. The guards were stationed everywhere, it had been a while since anyone planned an escape and they were ready to hunt if anyone will try to do so. 

It was late night and he managed to escape from his cell, he was being extra cautious not to get caught by patrolling guards but to his surprise, he could not see anybody, in fact, he could not see a single guard. 

It seemed a bit strange for him, he ran towards the wall climbed the wall with barbed wire, he was about to jump, he fell down on the ground. Someone had shot him from one of the towers, it seemed as they had planned it from the beginning and he was transferred here just to be killed there and never found again. 

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