Cynicism originates within the philosophical schools of ancient Greece that claim a Socratic lineage. To call the Cynics a faculty though immediately raises an issue for therefore unconventional and anti-theoretical a gaggle. Their primary interests are ethical, but they imagine ethics more as how of living than as a doctrine in need of explication. The … Continue reading Cynicism

Extra-Marital Affair

An affair maybe a relationship, romantic friendship, or passionate attachment between two people where a minimum of one among the 2 has such a reference to a 3rd person, either during a formal setting like marriage or informally, without the third person's knowledge or agreement. Extramarital affairs are relationships outside of marriage where a bootleg … Continue reading Extra-Marital Affair


Andson Prison was considered one of the safest prisons, the prison was mostly filled with those convicts who were either deemed very dangerous for the society or who have had escaped multiple times from various state prisons.  There was a man named Anthony who was being transferred to this prison, he was presumed to be a … Continue reading Escape


Aleza was a divorcee and the proud mother to her 5-year-old kid. She was way past her previous marriage and was looking forward to a new phase of life with enthusiasm, hope and happiness. It was quite a strange evening for her when she found that her daughter was missing, she panicked initially but regained … Continue reading Truth


Illegalism is a concept of anarchism that developed primarily in France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland during the first 1900s as an outgrowth of individualist anarchism. Illegalists embrace criminality either openly or secretly as a lifestyle. Illegalism doesn't specify the sort of crime, though it's related to theft and shoplifting. Illegalism is founded on egoist anarchism … Continue reading Illegalism


Misology is defined because of the hatred of reasoning; the revulsion or distrust of logical debate, argumentation, or the Socratic method. The source of the word is Plato's dramatic composition Phaedo which presents the ultimate hours and execution of Socrates, ultimately, by those that were offended by his philosophical pursuit. Plato’s Phaedo tells the story … Continue reading Misology


Hedonism: Hedonism, in ethics, a general term for all theories of conduct during which the criterion is that the pleasure of 1 kind or another. The word springs from the Greek hedone (pleasure), from hedys (sweet or pleasant). Hedonistic theories of conduct are held from the earliest times. They have been regularly misrepresented by their critics due to an easy misconception, namely, the idea that the pleasure upheld by the … Continue reading Hedonism